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Why Gold does not rust?

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Gold is a noble metal in the periodic table, which is chemically inert and does not rust in natural or industrial environments. This is because gold does not react with oxygen in the atmosphere and this metal does not deform. According to Ayurveda, gold helps in increasing strength and immunity. However, gold does not form oxides because it is the least reactive metal – it is extracted in its pure form from the ground while other metals undergo expensive industrial processes to extract the metal from the metal ore.
If the carat of gold is more in the jewellery, then the chances of weakening of the jewelery are reduced. Let us tell you that the karat is a unit of measuring the purity of gold. According to this, any item i.e. jewel, coin etc. has 99.9% gold content, it is considered as 24 carat gold. There is 75% pure gold in 18 carat, 58.5% in 14 carat and 41.7% in 10 carat gold. The remaining part is often made of silver or other metals such as copper, nickel, iron, etc. The jewelry in which gold is of 14 or less carats, the chances of it becoming weak becomes more.
Let us tell you that gold is the only metal whose color is yellow. The color of some other metals can also be almost like yellow color, but this can happen only when the action of these metals is done with a particular chemical. Gold is a very malleable metal. A very fine wire, about 8 km long, can be made of just (just in case definition) 28 grams of gold.
In the end, let us tell you that gold has been used in India for a very long time. Some gold remains have been found at Mohenjodaro and Harappa, which shows that gold was used for jewelry at that time. Gold has been described as a medicine in Charakasamhita written 2300 years ago. Even in the Arthashastra composed by Chanakya, the methods of identifying gold, from where gold can be obtained and its uses have been told. It is known from this that the level of gold art was high in India at that time.
So now you must have come to know that gold does not rust because it does not react with oxygen in the atmosphere, due to which no layer is formed on it like it is made in iron. Due to perspiration, exposure to spillage of perfumes, deodorants and acid-based cleaning solutions, sleeping can be damaged.



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