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Tips to Prepare For JEE Main 2017

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Tips to Prepare For JEE Main 2017

How well you do in your JEE Main depends on your approach more than anything else. You have to go with smart tips and apply useful hacks to crack-open success with it. Well, it’s easier said than done, but not at all impossible!

So, what all it takes to prepare well for JEE Main to bring home accolades – here’s the sneak peak:

Manage Time Wisely

We all have got 24 hours in a day. But our productive hours differ variedly. If you are appearing for JEE Main 2017 exams you need be extra productive and manage your time (race against time phrase meaning) wisely. To do that, follow a timesheet. Define your study slots. Take funbreaks when exhausted. Do things that kill your fatigue (Try some yoga or maybe Sudoku). Get back to motion steadily. And repeat! Keep optimizing this routine as you grow towards your goal and you will achieve it big and bright.

Refer Fewer Books

Avoid diving into a pile of books. Just pick the ones recommended by your mentor or those you find more comfortable putting up with. Stick to the material and follow it by heart. Only refer to other sources when there’s a genuine need. Or it will only confuse you more and you would end up upsetting your pulse. Yeah, do use highlighters and post-it notes, they help against the last minute jitters.

Take Mock Tests

No wonders happen overnight. Cricketers do a lot of practice before they go for the real contest. Even your favorite actors do the same. And this applies to you too. Before you actually hit the radar allow yourself to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) mock tests for the JEE Main 2017 exams. Take those trials and put yourself into that zone. Condition your mind to take real tests and there will be no more panic buzzing around your head.

Take part in discussions

You can only construct your crude thoughts into applicable ideas when you put them into clear words. To get that out of your system and validate your learning the best way is to discuss what you have studied. This will not only clear your doubts but also reassure and restore concepts in your mind. You will be able to connect more dots while you enter into discussions with co-students and teachers.

Attend doubt clearing sessions

No matter how far you have reached in your learning goal, you got to have lags and doubts about things. It is highly advisable to attend doubt clearing sessions while you are preparing for JEE Main exams. This will allow you to work on your weak areas and move further and hone better skills conquering your fears – and eventually gain confidence and achieve better results.

Working on these points and following them dedicatedly would allow you all the strength and ability to perform your best in the JEE Main exams. Go ahead, prove your mettle and crack all codes of success with these tips.



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