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Tips to Crack JEE Advanced 2019

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The JEE Advanced is the most coveted entrance exam for Pre-engineering aspirants. It will be held abroad and India on 27th May, 2019 in two shifts.

Paper 1 – 09:00 – 12:00 IST

Paper 2 – 14:00 – 17:00 IST

The JEE Advanced 2019 will be conducted in fully CBT (Computer Based Test) mode.

Only a few weeks to go, JEE Advanced aspirants need to gear up. Here are some tips that can help students to accelerate their JEE Advanced preparation.

Be Focused

Switching up your subjects is a helpful way to learn everything for your exams while preventing burnout on one topic. Make sure to switch it up before your eyes glaze over! That way, you can keep studying for longer periods of time (race against time phrase meaning) while maintaining your focus.

Create a study schedule and follow it

It is mandatory for you to prepare in an organized way because hardly two weeks are left for the JEE Advanced 2019. Break down your JEE Advanced study material into smaller parts so that you can cover up maximum topics. That way, you can keep track of what you’ve accomplished instead of looking at the big picture.

Time Management Strategy

 “Time and tides waits for none”

It is very important to have a time management strategy for anything you do especially when you are preparing for one of the coveted exam, such as JEE advanced. You need to utilize every minute so that you will be able to attempt all the questions within the time limit. You should solve previous year’s papers and mock tests as much as possible. To improve your question solving speed, you can set a timer while solving test papers so that you can get to know the time taken by you in solving a question.

Revision is important-

Revision is Like a Polish to your Learning. Revision helps you to remember methodologies, figures, topics and facts. It will help in retaining the topics studies in past and building a strong foundation, also reduces anxiety, increases your confidence and prepares you well for the impending exam. You should distribute their time subject-wise as well as topic-wise to revise the syllabus in time.

Meet with your teachers-

Your teachers are there to help! Ask them questions and your doubts so that no doubts will be remain. Don’t be shy of clarifying doubts and asking questions as it is a very important part of your exam preparation. Whenever you get stuck just (just in case definition) approach your teacher. Their guidance can help you to ace the exam.

Examination Temperament-

The last and very important thing which you need to learn is examination temperament. Examination temperament is the thought process going inside a student’s mind just before the exam & during the exam. Having a proper exam temperament is as important as preparing the syllabus of the exam. No matter how hard a student study, in the end what matters is how they perform in those crucial hours of the exam. A student needs to be a person of determination who executes the plans steadfastly and thoroughly. Attempt the paper with clear and uncluttered mind & believe that what happens will be for the best.

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