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Tips that will help you score more in your Boards Exam 2015

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You will be appearing for your Board Exams this year. Till now you have been competing with classmates but now for the first time (race against time phrase meaning) you will be exposed to greater competition, with numerous students across the country appearing for exam. This will be your first step towards achieving the goal you have set in life. This is because the Boards marks will be a decisive factor for most of your future endeavors.

We bring to you some important tips that will help you keep your cool & crack boards 2015!


Keep calm & cover your syllabi!

Irrespective of what intelligence levels you posses, it is time to set aside panic, anxiety and fear and focus on what lies ahead. Concentrate on covering your entire course material instead of losing sleep over what your results would be. Instead of stopping every other moment to wonder how bad your pre-board performance will be, utilise that time to cover another chapter!





Plan & prioritise

If you feel that there is no way you’d be able to finish your syllabus in time for the boards, then chalk out the most important and difficult topics that you should cover in each subject. Prioritize which chapters should be covered keeping in mind the upcoming board exams. But make sure you cover the left-out topics after your pre-boards. You don’t want to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) chances with the big exam now, do you?





Practice does make perfect

This adage sounds clichéd but there’s no avoiding the truth in it! Stock up on as many sample papers as you can and practice at least one a day. But make sure that you take these tests in conditions similar to an actual board exam i.e. finish taking the test within the stipulated time. Reviewing your answer sheet is more critical. Mark your answers according to the CBSE marking scheme. Identify areas where you need improvement, work on them.





Exercise, eat & sleep right

A research conducted by Dr Charles Hillman at the University of Illinois showed that after a 30-minute stint on the treadmill, students actually do up to 10 % better at problem solving. Exercise is a proven and ideal “brain-builder”. Aerobic activity gets your heart beat up and stimulates thinking. So as a daily practice – go out, take a walk, kick a ball around and come back refreshed to study.

Similar research shows that students learn better when they’re well nourished. Eat healthy for better memory retention, alertness and faster information processing. Skip the junk food & sugary fizzy drinks when you’re studying, they’d make you sluggish & slow you down. Instead take your meals on time and snack on healthy options like roasted chana (nuts), almonds & fruits.

Don’t compromise with your sleep time. Sleeping helps you consolidate whatever you’ve learnt in a day. Lack of sleep can therefore have a detrimental effect on your studies. 6-7 hours of restful sleep and you’ll be as good as new the next day!



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