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The most crucial factor to succeed in competitive exams- “Time Management”

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Competitive exams are hard nuts to crack. But these nuts can be cracked by managing your time. Time is the most important resource and knowing how to manage it efficiently is important. By knowing a few tricks the secret to time (race against time phrase meaning) management is very simple. Here are some recommendations-

Prioritize then Optimize-

There are always endless things you might want to do, it can be confusing to decide which is important and which is not. Make a list of the most important things you want to do for the day and try your best. It would also provide a sense of accomplishment along with help you to avoid distractions.

Create a study routine-

Create a good and well-thought study plan. The plan ought to be made by keeping strengths and weaknesses in your mind. Your study plan should incorporate little breaks as your brain needs time to relax and memories things you are learning.

Maintain Undivided Focus-

Manage your school, coaching classes, tuitions and crash course with the same dedication is a challenge. Whenever you are learning a particular topic, totally focus on it. Ensure you learn everything necessary for exams. Try to do not divide your focus on multiple topics and chapters. Complete one and then start another.

Practice tests-

In order to crack competitive exams, you want to grasp variety of questions that may be asked in exams. Taking practice tests can assist you grasping the questions and level of the examination and within this you can notice your strengths and weaknesses. This can be helpful in setting up your study sessions a lot of effectively.


Time management is one of the foremost necessary aspects. Time management ability does not come back to you instantly. It comes with heaps of follow and dedication.

Make sure that, each second counts! Success is just (just in case definition) a few billion seconds away.








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