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Read Concepts or Solve Questions?

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This question arises in every student’s mind who aspires to become a JEE/NEET aspirant: “Which is more Important – Reading Concepts or Solving Questions First?”

Understanding concepts and solving question, both must go together in order to achieve your goal. A student needs to have strong basics or clarity of concepts which comes from extensive reading and understanding of basics whereas solving questions one after another gives confidence in exam.

In order to understand individual concepts, students need to engage with examples, non-examples, and attributes of a concept.  This way you prepare yourself for more-complex thinking to come later in a unit and reduce misconceptions.

In solving questions case, you can take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) help of previous year question papers because knowing about different types of exam questions can help you activate appropriate strategies for formulating answers and reducing exam anxiety.

The first one is the basis for the second one. There won’t be any prominent advantage on solving bundles of questions without having clarity of concepts. But some featured questions may help you in achieving perfect understanding of concepts. And in the same way the first one is worthless without the second one. First one should try his best for conceptual clarity and it’s perfection is only possible by solving questions.

Clear your concepts, be strong in basics, then practice as much as much as questions possible, then revise all these, repeat this cycle again and again and ace your exams with your dream score.




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