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How to Learn anything Fast & Easy !

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1. Confidence

  • It is said that confidence is the key to success, yes it is true, if you want to be successful then first of all self-confidence is necessary. Most of us keep saying I can’t remember, even while reading we keep saying in our mind “I won’t remember”.
  • The brain does the same work that we tell it to do, if we say that we have to remember something , then the brain will remember it and if we have already said it, then it will not remember. So start saying to yourself “I have to remember everything “, “I will remember”, “I remember” and believe that he can recall everything on his mind, then see the miracle you will remember everything.
2. Association
  • With this trick we can remember everything in the same way, such as Vocabulary, the name of any new place, etc. Many times it happens to us that something or the name of a person is in our mind but that doesn’t come on our tongue or we recognize a person but can’t remember his name.
  • So all we have to do is to add any new information to an already existing one in our mind, like if the name of a person is Akshay, then associate it with Akshay Kumar (Actor), you will always remember it.

  • Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” what he said is absolutely logical. Do you remember the story of any movie, it’s scenes & dialogues you have seen recently, yes you remember it well!
    Any story that we used to listen in childhood from our Grandfather, we used to remember every single thing. If Grandfather used to forget something and made some changes while narrating the story, we used to interrupt him that earlier you had told this, because in our childhood we used to imagine well, we used to see the story moving in the form of a video. It was, that waterfall, that pond, that forest and all those talking animals, so once again we must become a child and start imagining, then see how you remember everything.
4. Routine
  • Often when we study we ignore the routine, stay up late at night, get up late in the morning, reduce physical activities, sit in one place, do not drink water regularly. Every little thing has a negative effect on our memory and our working capacity, good sleep is necessary for good memory, do not tamper with the time (race against time phrase meaning) of sleep, must walk a little, drink plenty of water, think only what you do with 100% energy. After these measures you will be able to do it together, you will not be work with 20% efficiency.
5.Time table
  • Most of us do not follow a schedule, when we sit down to read we start studying any topic from the middle. Sometimes it seems that we do not even know from which subject we have studied how much and after this people unnecessarily blame their memory.
  • Only a better strategy can lead to a better win and the first part of the strategy here is to follow a time table, if the strategy is weak then how can you expect to win, make a better time table for better success.

Feynman Technique is one such technique which will help you to memorize any topic no matter how difficult it is easily. If you need to follow only 4 steps and after that you will be able to understand and remember all the concepts of your studies very easily.

Step 1-  Read the topic
Step 2 – Write whatever you understood
Step 3 – Try teaching your friends
Step 4- Read again



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