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JEE Main Third Session Day 4 Paper Analysis

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Paper Analysis 3rd session 27th July 
JEE Main Third session ended on 27th July, 2021. As per the first reaction of students, the overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate.
According to experts the JEE Main Session third (day 4) was as follows:-
Physics was moderate
The Physics section asked in JEE Main 2021 July 27 shift 1 was easy to moderate in difficulty level. From Physics, there were 2 questions from Semi-Conductors. There were more questions from Capacitors in Physics. The questions were asked from Electrostatics, Magnetism, Current Electricity, AC Circuits and others. The Physics section was well balanced and questions were asked from NCERT.
Mathematics was a bit tricky and lengthy
The mathematics section is a bit tricky and time-consuming. Time management is important for the Mathematics section. Mathematics was predictable but lengthy. There were 5-6 questions from Calculus. Algebra had 5 questions and Coordinate Geometry had 3 questions. There were 2-3 questions from Trigonometry. The questions asked in the Mathematics section were from Calculus & Algebra, Vectors, Matrices, Probability, 3 D Geometry, Complex numbers in Algebra, and others.
Chemistry was Easy and NCERT based
Chemistry was partially NCERT-based. Physical Chemistry has good weightage in the Chemistry section. Surprisingly, Organic Chemistry had fewer questions than other shifts
All Organic Chemistry questions were MCQ-based. There was an equal number of questions from Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry. Chemistry in Everyday Life, GOC, Aldehydes, Ketones, Biomolecules had a significant number of questions. As per the experts, the Chemistry section is moderate in difficulty level.There were questions from Solid-state apart from Coordination Chemistry. Few students felt Numerical Based questions were tricky.



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