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How to Cover Backlogs?

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Whether you were unwell or missed a couple of classes, backlog is a difficult task in which everyone needs to do a lot of hard work to overcome this task. Firstly, you need to make a list of tasks you have left behind and then make a study schedule accordingly keeping in mind to add the leftover topics.

Tips to Cover Backlog

  1. Don’t Loose your Present:

Focus on topics which are currently being taught in class, don’t leave them otherwise you will create more backlogs and then you will be in serious trouble. Remember the primary step to clear backlogs is to make sure that no new backlogs are created. Whenever you’re studying any topic and you get a doubt, confirm that you simply clear the doubt then and there itself, this ensures that there’s no creation of backlog within the first place and revise the subject otherwise you’ll forget it and a replacement backlog will be created.

  1. Make a Schedule:

Tackle your work load in an organized way by making a proper study schedule. Divide your list in such a manner that you cover your present topics along with backlogs. First complete studying the ongoing topics and then devote 2-3 hours daily to complete your backlog.

  1. Choose one topic at a time:

Don’t get confused between subjects or question like “How to start?”.Start preparing with your favorite subject like physics and choose the easiest topic first. This way you will gain confidence and gain more interest in studies.

  1. Organize your notes properly:

Keeping notes organized properly will not only help you with clearing backlogs, but it will also help you remember your study material easily. Don’t just (just in case definition) write your notes down in whatever notebook you happen to have nearby or you’re never going to find those notes again. Separate your notes by subject. You don’t want to mix up your chemistry notes with your algebra notes!

  1. Avoid Distractions:

When you sit down to study, turn off your phone and put it away or if you are studying online then turn off the social media notification so you don’t get distracted. Resist the need to browse the internet or hit any social media sites on your mole or computer. Try to find a quiet place to study so you don’ get distracted by anyone.

Overall, the focus should be on resolving the problem of backlogs and not weeping on the fact that you have backlogs. Remember if you focus on your goals, you will hardly get concerned by your problems but if your focus is more on problems, you will lose sight of your Goal.



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