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Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. – Albert Einstein

This single line of Einstein is a bunch of positive words and gives us a different view of the exam. Studying for the sake of getting good marks is a bad idea. Schooling is an essential element in a humans’ journey of life to build a strong foundation.

These last few days before the exams are very crucial for all the students and can be very stressful at the same time. You might be worrying about preparations and revision. Many thoughts pop-up in our mind or we get stuck at a particular concept and might lose our confidence. The biggest fear is whether we will be able to remember all that we have prepared for the examination till the final day. Slowly and gradually it leads us to a situation of stress and anxiety.

However, to score good marks you need to keep yourself positive. At this time, you should consolidate all that you have studied so far and put in some additional effort to give an edge to your preparation.

We have tried to collect all the important preparation tips to obtain good marks in your board exams but before starting we would suggest you, remove all irrelevant thoughts and clear your mind to grasp more. Also, keep yourself calm to focus on your aims and make better strategies to achieve your set goal.

Now, we’d like to walk you through some last-minute tips to beat board exams:

  • Don’t get burden up

Hold on to a constructive study plan or strategy, do not burden up with lots of thoughts. Do not try to pressure yourself to cover all the things even if it is beyond your reach. We know, it’s difficult to select adequate study material that covers all points but if you stick to less study material like NCERT textbooks (for CBSE), it is sufficient. Focus on selective study material and prepare short notes. These short notes will assist you in your last-minute revision.


  • Apportion your syllabus and focus on important topics

Prepare a proper strategy to formulate an effective study plan. Distribute your syllabus unit-wise and focus on the scoring topics according to the exam pattern and marking scheme. Analyze previous year papers and get all the concepts on your fingertips. Give in extra efforts in scoring units by extensive practice and revision.

  • Track your performance regularly

At this time (race against time phrase meaning) trying to learn new topics or shuffling with new books could be a recipe for disaster. Assess yourself, identify your weak areas and try to improve them by giving more time in understanding the concepts. All you need to do is revise with help of previous years’ question papers, practice papers, and sample papers. This will not only help you to track your performance but also make you comfortable with the examination like situation.

  • Fair use of gadgets

This is the era of technology where it takes seconds to find the whole world. It is a great source of information and knowledge. But as we know everything has its pros & cons and excessive use of gadgets could be the reason for distractions. Remember! This is the crucial time for you so, keep yourself away from distractions, have some good content like motivational videos, lectures, blogs, music for relaxation, etc. handy rather than using some social sites.


  • Take breaks, stay stick to time plan

This is indeed the peak time and every second is very precious for you. However, taking breaks is necessary during exam time; it makes your mind relaxed and sheds off the exam stress which improves your memorizing capacity. To make your break time beneficial you may discuss the studied topics with someone, it will make you more aware of your knowledge and the part you have to work more on. Don’t forget about your study plan, take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) small breaks of 15-20 min and then get back to your studies.

  • The first wealth is health

During this time, your aim should be to perform to the best of your abilities while keeping yourself healthy. Having good food should be your priority during exams because it works as a fuel for your body. Take all your meals on time, have some juices or fruits so that you remain hydrated and your body receives a proper supply of nutrients and provides enough oxygen to your brain.

  • Pay attention to each subject

Every subject is equally important in making a difference in your board results. As we study these subjects from our childhood we keep ourselves in confidence that we know and can study it in the last time and get good scores. But these are the subjects which can make a huge difference in our scorecard. So, give proper attention to subjects like English and Hindi. All you need to do is to give some time and get thorough with the syllabus.

  • Bonus points

Your board exams are near and it is natural to be stressed and nervous. However, you should concentrate on performing to the best of your abilities while not worrying much about the end results.

Here are some bonus tips for you:

  • Just forget about all your troubles and try to focus on your aims
  • Do not touch any new topic before the exam day
  • Listen to motivational lectures or inspiring stories during breaks
  • Try to be in touch with a person who motivates you
  • Study tough topics early morning with a fresh mind
  • Take deep breaths to keep your brain active
  • Take proper sleep at night before the exam day
  • Have proper meals and stay hydrated
  • Keep all your essentials handy (stationeries)

The key to performing well in the exams apart from studying hard, grasping everything and retaining everything, is to be optimistic and able to study smart in a proper manner. So dear students! Stay confident, prepared and positive. All these elements put together will help you achieve success in the upcoming board exams.

Good news for CBSE students! It has been announced that students who will write innovative answers will get more marks. Add some diagrams, flow charts, pointers, etc. and explain your answer well. Note that, your answer sheet must look tidy and readable.

Don’t get stressed because board exams are just (just in case definition) a part of your school life so enjoy this time and try to give 100% to your studies. Take your board exams as a part of the journey and work hard with a proper strategy for success.

“The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.” 




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