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7 Secrets of Motion to crack JEE/NEET

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Every year around 20-30 lakh students appear for JEE/NEET exams and around 20,000 to 25,000 students get selection but only few are qualified for top colleges like IIT’s, NIT’s, AIIMS. Among them how many students get successful in their life? Very few.!

There are two kinds of students, one who studied 15 different books and score top rank and the second one who studied from 3 books and also scores top rank. So, how both of them can get top ranks, if one student studied 15 books whereas second student studied only 3 books? Is the same question arising in your mind right now?

The method they choose to study and the strategy they formed were different. One is a hard worker and the other one is a smart worker. Hard work requires consistency towards commitment to achieve your goal whereas smart work is the need of the moment when people have lesser time (race against time phrase meaning) and lesser resources. This gives more importance towards smart work but the need of hard work cannot be neglected. Continuation towards our goal and regularly working towards it, is extremely essential to achieve success.

  • Which one are you? 
  • Are you a smart worker or a hard worker? 
  • Do you want to be a smart worker? 

These 7 secrets can be the turning point in your journey towards being a smart worker.

1.) Learn: Learning is the first step that any student acquires to gain knowledge and the next step involves learning to learn. Without the right knowledge, the student can be distracted by his goal. Now the next question is – From where should we learn? A student can learn from books, recorded video lectures, YouTube and physical classes in whichever way he is comfortable. Using the benefits of technology, a student can learn from anywhere and anytime and boost his knowledge.

2.) Practice: The next step is to implement the learning and put it into practice. When students practice the problems, they increase their thinking ability along with the ability to increase their speed in less time. For good practicing skills, you should regularly solve sheets and question banks because these involve questions from different chapters and this will help you in your exam.

3.)Revise: Revision helps you to remember facts, figures, topics and methodologies that you have covered some time ago. Secondly, if done correctly it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety – you will be well prepared for your examination.

4.)Examine: After learning and implementing you need to test yourself how much you have learned? and what can you do? It shows the strengths and weaknesses of a student. It helps you to grow stronger and confident. It creates a healthy competitive environment among students which motivates them. Giving tests will assist students to know their actual preparation level and find out how much more effort is essential to do well.

5.)Analysis: After giving tests you need to analyse the test papers, look over in which areas you are weak and need to work on, which section is consuming a lot of time and needs to improve accuracy. Students come to know that they are going in right direction or not. This process will help students to judge themselves and to know required efforts for further improvement.

6.)Edutainment: Edutainment makes Motion stand far ahead on the mental, emotional and physical health of students. It aims for students to be more expressive, improve personality and have healthy peer to peer interaction to leverage great thoughts and healthy competition.

7.)Strategy: Strategic planning will help you provide a focus for your goal. It will create a path for you so can follow it stepwise and also it improves their reading, writing, math, and problem-solving performance. Students get to know how to learn rather than only what to learn.

How do we implement these 7 Secrets?

These 7 secrets will guide you towards your journey to success and help you achieve your rank. In learning, we provide you the planner for whole academic year which help students plan complete year long strategy for preparation of Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical exams. Practicing regularly with study material & video recorded lectures covers the core concepts of a topic and provides relevant illustration which helps student understand the fundamentals.

Motion prepares the students well before exams and provides them the required edge over their peers. Revision of concepts helps students to save time and solve questions effectively during exam. Formulae booklets and FRM (Final Revision Module) are some resources provided by Motion to help during revision. At Motion, we make it easier for a student to regularly check his/her progress level by providing mock tests for Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical entrance exam.

Analyse your performance by Motion’s exclusive feature, Student Performance Report (SPR). It analyses the consistency of students and with SPR students can analyse their performance graphically and get point to point detailed view. Motion endorses all round development of students, encourages them to evolve into better beings and discover their interests and so Edutainment is important for students to focus better on their studies and reduce stress. Strategic preparation is the core differentiator among coaching institutes and Motion spends ample time, strategizing daily learnings and channelizing efforts in the direction of best result and optimum growth.




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