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20 Facts about ISRO Every Indian Must Know

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20 Facts about ISRO Every Indian Must Know

India on 15-Feb-2017 became the first nation in the world to have launched over a hundred satellites in one mission. ISRO launch 104 satellites on single rocket.  Motion is hearty congratulate ISRO for this mission and feel us proud. Here we share some interesting facts about ISRO. We think every Indian must know about him.

1.  ISRO was formed on Independence Day, 1969 by Dr.Vikram Sarabhai.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai


2. SLV-3 was India’s first indigenous satellite launch vehicle and A.P.J. Abdum Kalam Ji was the director of the project.

A.P.J. Abdum Kalam Ji

The vehicle was launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on July 18, 1980. Former President A P J Abdul Kalam was the Project Director of SLV-3. The SLV-3 weighed 17 tonne and had a payload of 40 kg. The SLV-3 put 35 kg Rohini Satellite into the orbit.

3. ISRO’s expenditure in the last 40 years = Half of NASA’s single year budget.


4. ISRO’s budget is only 0.34 per cent of the central government expenditure at present and 0.08 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A GSLV D6 Launch Carrying GSAT 6 Indian Military Satellite
A GSLV D6 Launch Carrying GSAT 6 Indian Military Satellite

There is so little to offer, but in turn ISRO has got more in return to offer back to the nation.

5. ISRO also developed Bhuvan, a web-based 3D satellite imagery tool which is the Indian incarnation of Google Earth.

India successfully launching its largest rocket GSLV Mark III

6. ISRO has 13 centers spread all across India

ISRO Orbital Vehicle

ISRO is also working on a Human Spaceflight Program to undertake a human spaceflight mission to carry a crew of two to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and return them safely to a predefined destination on earth.

To accomplish this feat, ISRO is developing ISRO Orbital Vehicle capable of carrying three astronauts for seven days in a near earth orbit

ISRO will set up an astronaut training centre in Bangalore to prepare personnel for flights on board the crewed vehicle. The center will use simulation facilities to train the selected astronauts in rescue and recovery operations and survival in zero gravity, and will undertake studies of the radiation environment of space.

7. So, you think it’s just (just in case definition) a small organization?


In 2014 it saw a turnover of Rs. 14 billion!

8. You can actually buy satellite data.

buy satellite data

ISRO’s first lunar mission, Chandrayaan I was approximately amounted to 390 crore rupees which is 8-9 times lesser than the expense of similar mission by NASA.

9. They do much more than just launching satellites.

training center in Bangalore

They are developing an orbital vehicle as well as setting up a training center in Bangalore to train astronauts. Don’t hold your breath, though, this is likely to happen only post 2017.

10. Meet ANTRIX, the corporate arm of ISRO.


Antrix deals with the commercialization of space products, consultancy and technology transfer developed by the ISRO. It has clientele worldwide – Europe, Middle East and SE Asia

11. Guess who are on the board of directors of Antrix?

Ratan Tata

Apart from bigwigs from ISRO and other related space bodies, two of India’s biggest industrialists – Ratan Tata and Jamshyd Godrej – are on the board.

12. ISRO’s Mars mission is the cheapest so far, just 450 crore i.e Rs 12 per km, equivalent to Auto fare.


In 2008-09, the Indian Space and Research Organisation successfully launched a lunar orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, which discovered evidence of water on the moon. Mangalyaan was developed from technology tested during the Chandrayaan mission.

13. INDIA (ISRO) is the only one country who has reached to the MARS in his FIRST attempt!

MARS in his FIRST attempt

And that also in just 400 crores. US failed in their first 5 attempts. Soviet Union failed in their first 8 attempts. China & Russia also failed in their first attempt.

14. ISRO is credited for having the most number of bachelors in any Scientific organization.

number of bachelors in ISRO

Yes, Many of the scientists are single and committed only to the organization.

15. They don’t buy stuff. They build it!


When Indian scientists asked for the methodologies and engineering assistance from US for our Mars mission long back, they refused. We didn’t give up. They tried hard and developed new methodology and engineering indigenously and made this historical achievement with much cheaper cost.

16. ISRO is one of the six space agencies in the world with the capability to build and launch satellites from its own soil.


When most of the countries rely on US based GPS system for their navigational purpose, India has successfully launched its own navigational satellites, IRNSS.

17. ISRO has till date launched 23 consecutive successful PSLV launches.


18. Apart from launching India’s 65 satellites, ISRO has also launched 29 foreign satellites till date.

launching India’s 65 satellites

19. Fun Fact : ISRO has a elder cousin.


Like the formation of the nation itself, Pakistan started their Space and Upper Atmosphere commission (SUPARCO)  quite earlier than that of India. SUPARCO was launched in 1961 but ISRO was started in 1969. While ISRO has already launched 77 satellites till date,  SUPARCO could only send two and that too with the assistance by foreign nations.

20. Look at what transported 1981’s APPLE satellite!

APPLE satellite



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